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Organizational Development

Positive and optimistic organizations are more successful! They create more employee well-being, more value for customers and more profit for the shareholders. Moreover: In organizations where employees feel happy and positive, there is less absence, better cooperation and more creativity.

These are the principles we believe in Beter Koersen. I am therefore glad that I joined the Beter Koersen team. Because every question deserves the best experts. And they themselves remain sharp through collegial cooperation. Beter Koersen developed around Patrick Steggerda and Joep Firet, but now works with a network of professionals (the Beter Koersen 'Ploeg'), which complement and reinforce each other. With the sole aim that your project becomes successful. Thanks to this network, I can support every type of organizational development.



All professionals within the team are independent entrepreneurs. Beter Koersen typifies this entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship requires commitment, day in and day out.

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