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"Because we understand each other better, we work much better and we have more fun aswell."

There is apparently nothing wrong with your team. Nevertheless, you feel that it is not going all right. There is more talk about each other than with each other. Time to deal with this in a good way. The effectiveness of a team can be significantly increased and thus the job satisfaction is straightforward.

I also carry out this team coaching in collaboration with Beter Koersen Organisatie Ontwikkelaars.

Team coaching is obvious. I start working with the team and research where the possible bottlenecks lie. This can be done through individual interviews with some or all members of the team. Then we organize one or more teamsessions. I encourage the team to pick up their own dilemmas after the meetings and not need a third party to do this. I work in the here and now. What happens during the meeting is often what happens on the shop floor. I make this visible and negotiable. Teams that have deployed me as a team coach have become more open and direct to each other. Matters that seemed unspeakable have become negotiable. People go back to work with pleasure. If this is the case, I would like to use the color instrument from Insights Discovery.

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Insights Discovery® maps psychological preferences in a fast, reliable and respectful way. The system, which is based on the pioneering work of Carl Jung, uses a unique color language to promote self-insight, effective communication and organizational development. Insights Discovery® combines simplicity with depth. In its simplicity, the model has four aspects of personality, expressed in color quadrants. Everyone has and uses all four colors to a greater or lesser extent. However, the order and intensity of our use of color are unique and determine our personal style. Your preference for a certain color indicates which way of thinking, working and communicating is the most natural for you.

The Insights Discovery® Profile is a reliable and statistically validated instrument. It uses a value-free color language that lasts well and is quickly accepted. This profile is applicable at all levels of the organization. The participants fill in a questionnaire with twenty-five multiple choice questions. On the basis of this a profile is drawn up, a detailed personal report of at least twenty pages that gives insight into your own (work) style and the influence of this on others. The basic principle of the Insights Discovery® Profile is that each person is unique. It shows that individuals, teams and organizations can gain strength by recognizing, appreciating and utilizing the differences between people. This instrument delivers a lot of added value: It improves communication; Gives groups a common language; Devises development points in a value-free way. I am accredited to use Insights Discovery and to create personal profiles.

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