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All hero stories can be traced back to the so-called monomythe, discovered by Joseph Campbell. He called this the Journey of the Hero. In the films of nowadays we still that structure. I use this Metaphor to stimulate personal leadership with film images.

I lead the workshop The Hero's Journey and in this workshop you experience the 8 phases that each hero experiences. These phases are described in the book "the hero with the 1000 faces" by Joseph Campbell. These phases can be recognized in every hero's story. In the workshop they are clearly explained on the basis of film images. These phases are used as a metaphor for human change processes. In the workshop you start writing your own hero story. You are immediately invited to move forward. During the workshop you will be physically tested on the way to your goal or your desire. The workshop can be given in 2 hours but also a more extensive version of a (part of the) day is possible.

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